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I hope you can help me. I have this exercise to do, but I don't understand its meaning or what to do. I don't see any relation to it. I have to do it with perl. If someone could give me an idea, I'd be grateful.


Write a function that takes as parameters:
1. An integer between 2 and 25.
2. A string representing a positive integer to the base of point 1.
3. An integer between 2 and 25.
This function must convert and return the number represented by the string of the argument 2 (at the base of the
argument 1) to a string representing the same number but in the base of argument 3.
convert(2,"101", 10) => 5,
convert(16,”to2”,2) => 10100010,
convert(10,”10”,16) => ”to”,
convert(11,"13", 4) => 32,
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