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I've created a new flutter project and I notice there is something odd about the structure of the project. For some reason, I'm getting tons of folders and files that I didn't get the last time I've created a project with flutter create.
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Furthermore, when I checked the project on Github I've found out that most of my project isn't even dart but is Makefile
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While in my last projects, more than 90% of the project (at least in such early stages) was written in dart.

Where did all these new extra folders come from? Is there an easy way to "fix" my project and make it look more like my old one (structure-wise)?

🟢 Solution

According to your image, left(previous) project was created before widows become available on statable version.

Now flutter have windows, Linux and macOS are on statable release.

You will find this on flutter.dev

Build apps for any screen.

These files and folders are needed to build for different operating system. If you are thinking about why Dart is just 8.4%, I would say you need to write code, then it will increase.

Note: this project was created before Linux and macOS become stable.

enter image description here